Entry #1


2014-04-19 20:49:31 by JackClarkMusic

Hey all! My name is Jack Clark and I create prog metal music under the influence of Volumes, Meshuggah and other local bands I'm inspired by. I play guitar and program my drums using FL Studio. First upload is 'Not Enough 0's' but I shall be posting a few more in time to come. Would love some feedback and comments. Enjoy babes.


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2014-04-20 00:11:55

Nice jam, dude! How do you like the Ibanez guitars? I've considered saving up for one.

JackClarkMusic responds:

Yeah dude! The Ibanez guitars are great if metal tone is what you're after. They have anything from real cheap to top notch. I brought mine for $450 of ebay. It's an RGA32T. 10/10 would recommend any Ibanez, my favourites are the RG models though : )